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Dark Enforcers are an active Hero League in DCUO and are always looking for new members to the league that are community minded. We strive to help each other out in all aspects of the game from PvE to PvP, Raiding, character (Hero or Villain) building, and much more. Come and join one of the best gaming communities known to man. You can sign up here or just ask a Dark Enforcer in-game at anytime for a league invitation.

The Dark Enforcers is a 9+ year old entity. We are a group of people who are always there and support each other. Dark Enforcers is there at all times of the day. We are a support group, people to laugh with and experience gaming. To make us smile when real life gets us down. The Dark Enforcers is more than a League. It's a social community, a family. If you are looking for a great gaming community then we are place.
Guild News

Update 7 is here.

Dexcellent, Dec 12, 11 8:07 PM.
The announcement just hit that update 7 will be applied tomorrow, Tues. December 13th. The servers will be down starting at 8:00 AM Pacific and be down an estimated 3 hours or less. Patch notes can be found at this link Update 7 Patch Notes.

Save the Clocktower - Lightning Strikes Tuesday

Dexcellent, Dec 1, 11 2:47 PM.
SOE has announce that the new DLC Lightning Strikes will be released on Tues Dec. 6th. This is good news for all the legends level players who'll get it for free and who're looking to try out the new content.

New DLC coming soon!

Dexcellent, Nov 22, 11 1:20 PM.
Sony has announced the imminent arrival of a new DLC including the lightning based powerset. This new powerset will have the standard DPS role as well as a Healer role. For more information check out Lightning Strikes DLC.

The Dark Enforcers Raid Site

TheBWolf, Aug 10, 11 4:27 PM.

Welcome to the dark enforcers raid site. this is where you will be able to sign up for raids and will allow us to keep track on who has gone on raids and so forth. so everyone will get a chance to get in the raids they want feel free to ask a admin on what you can do for the dark enforcers.. 
The Dark Enforcers are now recruiting all classes and all roles. Read the rules before asking to join.
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